the story of LILLY GLAM


Meet Lilly

Lilly Bartalotta is a self taught, makeup artist, lash and brow stylist. Her Instagram presence since 2012 has demonstrated that she can hustle her unique art style onto the gramosphere where she decided that she would strive to create the perfect lash, thus Lilly Glam was born in 2020.


No stranger to businesses, Lilly has had her perfectly manicured hand in five different businesses over the years that she helped build from the ground up, for example, Lillypop Donuts - who doesn’t love a round, doughy treat? So, with this experience in tow, Lilly Glam is about using that knowledge, passion and drive to dominate with a beauty brand. 


Overall, Lilly’s vision is to provide high quality lashes, that scream glamour without breaking your bank, girl. Confident in her partnership with her manufacturer, Lilly’s ultimate dream is to give you, the wearer the ability to be big, babe’in and bodacious. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul, so might as well spice up the curtains!